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The year's shop and hop is upon us and like every year there's a tremendous amount of gifts.  120 brands and every one of them has a gift and also a nice selection of items that are on sale.  6 regions so make sure to check them all.  check out the sl blog post for more info or else just just into one of the regions linked below♥

hair / doux / mecca / ON SALE @shop and hop
head / genus / baby face @mainstore
skin / bold and beauty / taylor @mainstore
lippie / pepe skins / pamela lips / FREE GIFT @shop and hop

sweater / pseudo / the colossal cardi @uber
necklace / kibitz / lulu's necklace @mainstore
top / tacchini / bianca top / FREE GIFT @shop and hop
jeans / pseudo / staple torn jeans @uber
boots / vale koer / tactical flip boots @mainstore

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